Exit is a visual essay by artist Rebecca Milling on the tragic beauty of leaving the stage. Melancholic, beautiful and moving (literally!) 

“EXIT represents a development in the theme of disappearing acts prevalent in Rebecca Milling’s work. This series of photographs captures animals exiting the scene, and is distinct in its graphic and formal use of tone….The animals, cut in half and leaving the frame, give oblique but pointed reference to the mass endangerment of species in our present environmental crisis. […]”
Cordelia Underhill

Amur Tiger

Rebecca Milling

34 pages, 15 photographies
330 x 230 mm
Risograph print, loose pages in a folder
With a text by Cordelia Underhill
Printed by Out of the Blueprint, Edinburgh
September 2019
ISBN 978-3-947295-51-7

Limited Edition 75, numbered

30 EURO / 30 GBP

Available at:
Leporello Photobooks et al., Rome
Salon für Kunstbuch, Wien
The Broadway Bookshop, London
CCA Bookshop, Glasgow
Goodpress, Glasgow
Streetlevel Photoworks, Glasgow
Gallery Ten, Edinburgh
or buy directly from Rebecca Milling
and eeclectic.de