Silent Language

Silent Language Inken Reinert
Silent Language
Artist’s book with drawings by Inken Reinert.

The series of drawings Silent Language superimpose curves and diagrammes from a scientific book about electro-accoustic notation of voices.

Silent Language Inken Reinert


Silent Language Inken Reinert

„Eine Zeichnung, die in mehreren Stunden sorg­fältiger Arbeit entstand, mutet an wie ein flüchtig hingeworfener Pinselstrich, wie das Protokoll einer raschen Handbewegung, einer Geste.“ Markus Wettstein

„Eighty years later, Inken Reinert delved into the tables of the mechanical recordings of words we can no longer hear. When she eventually began drawing on the charts, the voices of the Italian men and women seem to resonate with her. The artist becomes a medium that records and transforms the sounds of those words spoken many years ago.“ Ania Corcilius

Silent Language Inken Reinert

With texts by Ania Corcilius, Manuel Saiz, Markus Wettstein.
Edited and designed by Janine Sack.

72 pages, 18 drawings
180 x 230 mm
Drawings unfolded 340 x 230 mm
Soft cover, swiss binding
English, German, Spanish
Edition 125
32,– Euro

Limited edition
Book plus lithography on original page
from the book L’analisi elettroacustica del linguaggio by Gemelli and Pastori, Società Editrice “Vita e pensiero”, Milano, 1934
Edition 25
180,– Euro

Release: Winter 2016/2017